After over a decade of touring worldwide, Aluminum Group is thrilled to present the world premiere of the spectacular, new Aluminum Show...

Israel tour dates 2015
From the press:
"An amazing visual show"
BBC News, UK
"One of a kind attraction"
Broadway World
"A fascinating show, the energy is amazing... Something I've never seen before"
Fox News
Creator and Artistic director
Ilan Azriel
Writing and Direction
Lior Kalfo
Ido Tadmor
This new and unique show brings the material, the music and the artists together on stage in a magical, mystery-filled creation combining visual theater, dance, and humor into an exciting, multi-sensory experience, the likes of which audiences have never before seen.

This is the story of one man's incredible journey to a parallel universe - a futuristic planet made entirely of aluminum. At first glance this world seems vastly different than ours, but a second glance reveals it is actually quite similar.

Aluminum pipes come to life right before the audience's very eyes, transforming into imaginary, mysterious, and playful characters. Much like in our world, the aluminum universe is also plagued by a fight between good and evil, where the forces of beauty and compassion strive to triumph over the forces of intrigue and fear.

The new show was written and directed by Lior Kalfo, creator of the internationally successful shows "Voca People," "Fantasy," and "Glow," with choreography by Ido Tadmor, one of Israel's foremost choreographers, and under the artistic direction of Ilan Azriel, co-creator of the international Aluminum Show.

The show is suitable for all ages and languagessuitable for all ages and languages.

Creator and Artistic director:  Ilan Azriel
Writing and Direction:  Lior Kalfo
Choreography:  Ido Tadmor
Producers: Doron Lida, Leeorna Solomons, Ilan Azriel, Ella Munk
Production manager:  Talia Ben Ami
Artistic advisor:  David Ottone
Light designer & Technical manager:   Roy Milo
Props design and development:   Ira Katin
Costumes:  Ella Kolsnik
The Aluminium Show is sponsored by GLV International Ltd.
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